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The Challenge

In a world in which there is a abundance of food waste, it is difficult to believe that hunger is a reality for 795 million people globally. Hunger and malnutrition have devastating effects not just on individuals but on communities as a whole.  Some of the issues arising from chronic hunger include increased vulnerability to disease, physical deficiencies and mental stunting.

The vast majority of hungry people, live in developing regions but hunger is not just a developing world problem. 8.4 million people in the UK are struggling to afford to eat. 4.7 million of these people live in severely food insecure homes.


The solution 

There is no easy solution to resolving world hunger or poverty but recognising what the causative factors are, is a step In the right direction.  Surprisingly, lack of food is not the cause of hunger, yearly food production is in fact more than sufficient to feed  everyone on the planet. The problem is rather lack of access for vulnerable communities to nutritious food. 
This is why at Arustic our aim is to increase accessibility to food and education for everyone but in particular those most vulnerable in communities. Sadly this is often women and children.


Why focus on education?

Education reduces poverty, boosts economic growth and increases income. It increases a person's chances of having a healthy life.
The sale of each bag will help our charity partners to empower vulnerable communities. Arustic does not give handouts but rather supports self reliance, empowering people to achieve permanent solutions to chronic hunger. This entails all sectors of society to work together —  government, business, academia and grassroots organisations.
Our charity partners use a multi pronged approach to ensure self-reliance is a reality for the communities they work in.  With each purchase you are at the cutting edge in transforming the critical issues for humanity’s future — building self-reliance.

Be Empowered...