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Our story

The best opportunities in life, often present themselves in weird and wonderful ways. 
The same can be said for Arustic which came about as a chance love-affair. On the final day of my “soul-searching” holiday in Africa, I was frantically looking for that all important present for my better half (bitter half if I arrived back from this extravagant melt-down without a token gift).


As destiny would have it, I passed a shabby hut where an elderly man called Sid was very skilfully stitching two pieces of leather to form a bag. The leather was a beautiful caramel colour and of superb grade.  The experienced hands with which he worked the leather gave the bag both an earthy quality and a rustic finish.  I had finally understood my wife’s statement “I love that bag” and knew this was the gift I wanted.

Upon returning home I kept thinking about how despite the meagre means and obvious poverty the man was able to produce something so beautiful.

Later I was surprised to find a leather bag of very similar design, being sold for an exceptionally higher price. I discovered that it was common practice for wealthy shareholders to demand remarkably high profit margins, reaping huge profits from customers in exchange for the "brand" name attached to the bag.

For a long time it seemed that the only other alternative was to buy poor quality bags at prices that were so cheap, they seemed to good to be true. These brands/companies should and in some cases have been questioned on how they can afford to sell at these prices.  A number of high street brands have been named and shamed for the poor working conditions in the factories where their products are produced. To date there are still an estimated 100 million child labourers in the fashion supply chain.

Arustic was established with the belief that brands could be different and should offer more to their customers,to their workers and to their communities. 

Leading the way as a socially conscious business, empowerment is at the heart of Arustic. Through our charity partners, with the sale of each bag we aim to empower individuals to help break the chains of poverty, to champion young talent and real women to live a life in which they can achieve their dreams and live a life of honour and self-reliance.

 Arustic is a family owned business based in the city of Nottingham in England. The city is forever associated with the legends of Robin Hood and Its Lace Market. It was renowned throughout the world for its production of intricate lace which put Nottingham on the fashion map, long before the designer Paul Smith opened his first boutique in 1970. Arustic wants to make Nottingham proud by continuing the tradition of being at the forefront of fashion and like the legendary Robin Hood we believe in empowering the underdog. 

Be Empowered...