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Maddie - Brown

The Maddie bag – For the woman who wants more.

Sometimes balancing life seems impossible and having a one bag "fits all" seems like the best idea. However, a heavy bag on one shoulder or arm can apply unnecessary pressure and can lead to pain and injury.  A more fitting option is a bag which spreads the weight evenly across both shoulders, but often these functional bags lack style

The Maddie bag has been designed with these things in mind.
A great side bag for any woman looking for practicality and style, with easy access pockets and compartments
Adjust the handle  and use as a backpack, spreading the weight over two shoulders.
The generous compartment can easily be utilised for recreational activities or to carry your daily essentials.
Produced using the highest quality leather, the natural leather tones will complement any style.

Empowerment info:

This bag is handmade in Africa by Artisans, who have passed their skills down from generation to generation. Your purchase of this bag supports female empowerment in Africa and victims of domestic abuse in Nottingham U.K. 

Additional info:                                                                                                       

Size approximately cm:

Height: 28 Width: 25 Depth: 10 

Available in two different colours Brown and Tan.


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